Novelty Christmas Cake Tins

Some people like to do things a little different and these novelty shaped Christmas tins certainly look a world away from the usual traditionally shaped round and square Christmas cakes. Using novelty shaped Christmas cake tins helps you achieve something really special and different whilst still being easy to achieve. No need to carve out a Father Christmas’s shape from a flat piece of cake when you use novelty shaped tins! All the details are there in the cake tin so it makes icing your cake easier too.

This vast array of novely christmas cake tins include:

  • Gingerbread Man
  • Christmas Tree
  • Holiday Tree
  • Jelly mould
  • Round Christmas Pudding
  • Sphere Christmas Pudding Mould
  • Brownie Tin
  • Christmas Scene Cake Tin
  • Winter Village Cake Tin
  • Snowman Cake Tin
  • Star Cake Tin
  • Snowflake Cake Pan
  • Father Christmas
  • Santa
  • Father Xmas
  • Christmas Figures Baking Tin
  • 3D Christmas Tree Cake Tin
  • Snowball Cake Tin
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